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  • Early Literacy Skills Builder Software (ELSB) is an interactive pre-reading program for children ages 5 to 12 with moderate to severe developmental disabilities,including autism.
  • Developed with the University of North Carolina–Charlotte, this research-based early literacy curriculum provides direct and systematic instruction through scripted lessons and ongoing assessments.
  • ELSB software quickly engages students with special needs using lively animations and customized avatars.
  • ELSB is the only scientifically based reading program developed specifically for children with moderate to severe developmental disabilities, including autism (IQ of 55 or lower).

GoTalk now

Turn Your iPad into a GoTalk!
  • Our GoTalk NOW app makes a dynamic GoTalk with an easy-to-use, touch-based editor.
  • Use images from your iPad camera, photo library, or the built-in Internet search.
  • You can record your own speech, use text-to-speech, or play videos.

Assistive Technology and Learning Materials for Children and Adults with Special Needs

For over 30 years Attainment Company has provided award-winning resources, including research-based curricula, software, video, and assistive technology to special education programs and facilities that serve individuals with special needs.

Our products are designed for children and adults with special needs, including but not limited to developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, autism, and dementia. Attainment Company provides resources that help attain success in school, at home, and in the community. Attainment Family is excited to offer our highly acclaimed educational materials and assistive technology directly to individuals and families.

Talking Books and Software for Life Skills

  • Language and reading activities are targeted for teens and young adults, ages 13–18, with special needs.
  • Engaging graphic novels contain Talking Software.
  • The software highlights the text and reads it aloud.
  • Each book teaches essential life skills like safety, social interactions, self-determination, work ethics, and appropriate expression of emotions.
  • Titles include Focus on Feelings, Life Skills, Safety Skills, Social Story Readers, Self-Determination Readers, Do the Right Thing, Connections in the Workplace, and Dynamite Emotions.

Talking Books and Software
for Social Skills

  • Eight well-written, attractively illustrated stories engage students with special needs.
  • The stories teach social skills and promote character building for children ages 4 to 8 with special needs.
  • The software highlights the text and reads it aloud.
  • This valuable resource encourages positive behaviors.

Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices

  • Our highly acclaimed GoTalks help children and adults with developmental disabilities—including autism, traumatic brain injury, and age-related disabilities—communicate successfully in school, at home and in the community.
  • Visual cues like pictures or symbols indicate the content of each recorded message.
  • GoTalks record multiple messages and play them as you have recorded them—in any language, dialect or accent.
  • GoTalk Overlay Software allows you to create communication boards with photos, symbols and images from the software’s integrated Internet search!

Caring for an elderly loved one who suffers from dementia can be difficult.

At times the caregiver may feel as confused and frustrated as the aging individual who has a cognitive disability.

This guide offers tools to create a personalized and strategic care system for elderly loved ones who struggle with dementia and other age-related disabilities.

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Illustrated Step-by-Step Cookbooks

  • Students with special needs learn life skills while having fun in the kitchen!
  • Color illustrations provide step-by-step cooking instructions.
  • Look 'n Cook Cookbook features 62 step-by-step conventional cooking recipes.
  • Look 'n Cook Microwave Cookbook features 68 step-by-step microwave recipes.
  • The laminated pages guarantee years of use.
  • Recordable devices can be personalized with a combination of pictures, symbols andwords for each message.
  • Talking Photo Albums is a speech output device that holds standard 4x6 photos.
  • All the devices are compact, affordable and durable.

Watch Mary make steady strides towards self-sufficiency in this classic series.

Attainment Company

Research-based Learning Materials for Children and Young Adults with Special Needs

Attainment has partnered with researchers at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte for over 5 years to develop research-based curricula for children and young adults with moderate to severe developmental disabilities, including autism.

Attainment's Diversity

Our products are developed to teach reading, writing, math, safety, social skills, self-determination, communication, and work/life skills to children and adults with special needs. Using interactive software, our educational programs combine instructive lessons with games designed to engage and challenge learners with special needs at any age. Our learning materials, software, and augmentative alternative communication devices offer cutting-edge solutions to help children and adults with special needs realize their full potential and attain their goals!

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