Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Autism

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Strategies to develop vital, functional communication skills

Teaching Communication Skills addresses communicative needs of children with autism and Asperger Syndrome as well as the needs of nonverbal and beginning communicators. This completely comprehensive book covers the widest range available of perspectives, methodologies, and strategies for working with students of all ages. An encyclopedic look at educational tools for working with your children and a unique resource that focuses on the most critical issue for individuals on the spectrum—that of communication.

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Contents include: Assessments, teaching communication skills, motivation and communication, using cues and prompts, teaching verbal language, using AAC, combining methods, following directions, tone of voice and emphasis, echolalia, appropriate communication, conversation skills, developing social understanding, and teaching across environments.

Written by Pat Crissey, an autism consultant and author of Picture Directions and Getting the Message. Softbound book, 236 pages, 2009.

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