Attainment Puppet Assortment

These three lovable puppets are a great way to enrich family interactions.

They’re fun, friendly, and captivating to students, helping you add a creative touch to your lessons. Great for imaginative play, too. Available as a money-saving three puppet assortment.

Item No: PUP-10AF

Attainment Talkers

Two slim, lightweight, and inexpensive communication tools!

Attainment Talkers are easy to record and use. The AT6 has six messages with large (2") active areas for each message, while the AT24 has 24 messages with smaller (3/4") active areas. Touch an active area to play back the recordings.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

Basic Sight Words Software

Digital Flash Cards for the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary

Basic Sight Words Flash Cards Software is designed for users who need extra practice with sight word recognition. A series of activities using digital flash cards gives a variety of cues (and the repetition they need) to learn words from the Dolch lists. Individual word lists of any length can be created for special interests or needs.

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Better IEP Meetings

Helps you get the most from your child's IEP meetings

Regular IEP meetings can provide reassurance for everyone involved, or they can result in negative feelings and a loss of confidence in the IEP process. For parents of students who have disabilities, IEP meetings are the crux of their children's education. These vital meetings, that will be held on a regular basis throughout their schooling, can make or break a student's school career. Here, Drs. Cynthia Herr and Barbara Bateman carefully consider how you can prepare for your IEP team meetings and be best able to optimize the results.

Item No: IP-07AF

Communication Books

Ideal for manual communication systems

The Personal and Large Communication Books are ideal for hands-on communication. The easy-to-open books lie flat so they stay open until you turn the page. Sturdy, plastic pages contain transparent pockets (3" x 3.5") for communication cues. Tabs on every page make page-turning easier. Each pocket can hold single or multiple communications. Personalize with photos, symbols, or remnants familiar to you. The Personal Book is the smaller choice with one pocket per page, while the Large Book has three pockets. Both books contain twelve pages.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

Connections in the Workplace

Teaches on-the-job social skills in an engaging, contemporary format

Connections in the Workplace includes 35 well-written and carefully conceived stories that reflect modern times and attitudes. It's ideal for the teen or young adult reading at a second grade level or below. The stories explore crucial on-the-job social skills in typical work situations. The book was written by June Stride, EdD, a former special education teacher and administrator, and author of numerous books on instructional methodology. The stories are designed so that parents can read them aloud, although some readers will be able to tackle them independently. Each four-page story has a student activity page and vocabulary exercises. Topics include proper cell phone etiquette, being responsible on the job, becoming a trustworthy employee, and appropriate social behavior.

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Could John Stuart Mill Have Saved Our Schools?

Coauthors Siegfried Engelmann and Douglas Carnine are foundational 20th and 21st century thinkers on the subject of instructional best practices. Engelmann shaped and codified Direct Instruction, the most effective method of teaching reading, math, and other subjects, as validated by more than 100 experimental studies.

The authors' contention is that if the details of instruction are in place — well designed sets of examples and adequate practice — student learning can be accelerated far beyond what is currently being achieved in schools. Their ideas, as presented in this book, are in tune with John Stuart Mill's System of Logic.

Item No: JSM-02AF

Do the Right Thing

Graphic novel illustrations with stories that look into crucial social situations

PDF Sample

Do the Right Thing includes 25 six-page stories that each begin with a vocabulary list and end with comprehension questions. The book is ideal for the teen or young adult reading at a second grade level or below. Engaging and realistic illustrations support the story line and are attractive to contemporary youth. The well-written and carefully conceived stories reflect modern times and attitudes.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

Dynamite Emotions

Examines emotion-driven conflicts and suggests healthy resolutions

PDF Sample

Dynamite Emotions includes six well-written and carefully conceived stories that feature teen and young adult characters experiencing social and emotional challenges with family, friends, and coworkers. Written by a school psychologist, the stories reflect modern times and attitudes. The book explores the feelings of each character and provides suggested resolutions to their disputes and conflicts. It begins with a mini-dictionary of 28 feelings illustrated with close-ups of young people showing distinct facial expressions.

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Early Literacy Skills Builder Software - Home Version

Get ready to read!

Early Literacy Skills Builder Software brings nonreaders and those completely unfamiliar with the concept of print to a kindergarten level of literacy. It seamlessly blends systematic and direct instruction strategies with engaging characters and lively animation.

The program is built on Dr. Diane Browder's five-year research project with children having significant developmental disabilities, including autism.

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