About the Learning to Get Along Series

Get support as a parent, teach important social skills, and enjoy time together!
Book Titles:
  • Listen and Learn
  • Join In and Play
  • Be Careful and Stay Safe
  • Talk and Work It Out
  • When I Feel Afraid
  • Share and Take Turns
  • Cool Down and Work Through Anger
  • Know and Follow the Rules

“Children and adults will love these gentle, empowering books. The Learning to Get Along series is a powerful tool for teaching children essential social skills such as empathy, respect, cooperation, and kindness. This straightforward and insightful series helps children visualize how their appropriate behavior positively impacts themselves and others. I heartily recommend this as a solid, classic resource for teaching affective skills to young children.”

  • Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Learning to Get Along is a social skill and character building series that will help you teach your child important social skills for getting along in this world. Designed for children ages 4-8, this collection of eight books offers well-written, attractively illustrated, full-color stories that capture the attention of parents and children alike.

    The stories consistently model appropriate social skills and positive behaviors for children while offering parents the language needed to encourage these positive behaviors.

    Available as Learning to Get Along Book Set and Learning to Get Along Software Family Version.

    LTGA books
    LTGA Software
    • Free Demos available
    • Easy-to-navigate interface
    • Professional narration
    • Word or phrase highlighting of text
    • Word definition popups
    • Talking comprehension exercises
    • Scanning capability
    • Unified management system including student reports
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    Choose one of 8 stories
    LTGA Story page
    Story text is highlighted as it's narrated
    LTGA Glossary Popup Page
    Popups show definitions of glossary words
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    Quizes at the end of stories
    LTGA Think page
    Summary screen
    LTGA Talk
    Voice recorder to record answers
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