Low-Tech Communication

Communication tools don't have to cost a lot to be effective!
Attainment's collection of inexpensive communication options are given below.

Add speech to photos, stories or picture cards with the Talking Photo Album.

Talking Photo Album closed
GoTalk OneGoTalk One with hands
GoTalk One is a single message talker with a large icon display and big, colorful play button.
Express One with Glove
Express ONE
Express ONE hangs on the wall or sits snugly on the tabletop.
It's a single-message device with a large 5x7-inch active area.
Attainment Talkers
With 6 or twenty-four locations, are slim, lightweight communicators with one level of recorded messages. And they sound great!
The Communication Books let you create manual communication systems. Two sizes to choose from. The Communication Books do not provide speech output.