Express One

Express One
Express One with GloveExpress One horizontal

A big talking picture frame!

The Express One is a high quality single message communication tool that can be used on a tabletop or mounted on a wall. Designed to accommodate personal photos (large or small), this device can be a great tool for getting started with augmentative communication. When wall mounted, it can be placed strategically around the house to assist with context specific communication, like "macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight" recorded on an Express One in the kitchen. The large activation surface is particularly good if the user needs a big target area.

The accompanying neoprene glove protects against breakage, reduces skidding, and makes it easier to wall mount.


  • Two options to activate speech – touch picture (5” X 7” touch sensitive area) or play button
  • Protective neoprene non-skid glove
  • Provides wall mount slots on back
  • Durable and lightweight construction and ease of use
  • Includes two AAA batteries

Item No: GT-EG01AF
Price: $39.00