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Early Literacy Skills Builder Software
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Get ready to read!

Early Literacy Skills Builder Software brings nonreaders and those completely unfamiliar with the concept of print to a kindergarten level of literacy. It seamlessly blends systematic and direct instruction strategies with engaging characters and lively animation.

The program is built on Dr. Diane Browder's five-year research project with children having significant developmental disabilities, including autism.

DEMOBegin by creating a unique avatar with your child. Every time the avatar appears, your child responds. Using scripted narration, built-in prompts, and Moe the frog, your child is guided to make the correct response time after time. Encourage friends or siblings to participate by creating additional avatars.

ELSB Software integrates 14 objectives throughout seven levels, with each level having five lessons. Lessons take about 20 minutes and can be repeated as needed. The software saves all student performance data.

Students use a SmartBoard in this ELSB lesson. Eleana admires her custom avatar while learning the word “friend."

With Moe's help, ELSB challenges students with more word choice.

The program is intuitive and easy to use. For detailed instructions, refer to the PDF User's Guide or the Help Menu built into the software. Choose from two delivery options: on disc or direct download.

The ELSB Software is based on the Early Literacy Skills Builder print program, currently being implemented in over 2,000 schools across the United States.

Your purchase includes a Single Family License. Software is Windows (XP and higher), Mac (OS X, PowerPC and Intel), touchscreen and single-switch compatible.