Life Skills Videos for Students with Special Needs

Real life scenarios in our fun and informative videos guide social skill development while teaching essential life skills to students with developmental disabilities, including Down’s syndrome. Step by Step Video Instructions show students with developmental disabilities how to safely complete tasks or respond to social situations. Real life scenarios keep students with special needs engaged and interested in the topics that apply to their own lives. Entertaining life skills videos for students with developmental disabilities demonstrate social skill development and self determination. Kari Elsner, a young actress with Down’s Syndrome, stars in the lead role of Mary in the DVD series Mary on the Move. Students love these fun DVDs in which Mary, a young woman who has developmental disabilities, coolly and calmly demonstrates her life skills while her friend Bruno and brother Carl mess up at every turn! Mary is the model of self sufficiency and independence in these fun and motivational videos designed for students with special needs.

Know the Code DVD

Teaches basic in-school social skills to elementary students

On any given school day, children face a wide range of social situations that require knowledge of a wide array of social skills. How well they are able to meet those challenges can make the difference between a good day or a very bad one. A good year or a very bad year. Good or bad for them and for you too as acceptance vs. rejection are the things they're most likely to bring home to you.

Item No: SS-F06AF

Mary on the Move DVD Series

A classic miniseries, now on DVD!

Watch Mary, a young woman with developmental disabilities, make steady strides toward self-sufficiency in this six-part series.

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Look 'n Cook Cookbook and DVD Set

Cooking can be a joy with 62 step-by-step illustrated recipes!

PDF SampleLook ’n Cook Cookbook features 62 step-by-step recipes with illustrations that are clear, concise, and easy to “read.” Each picture step has accompanying text. A color-coding system makes it easy to follow measurement and temperature requirements. The cookbook has laminated pages in a wipe-clean vinyl binder with built-in easel.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.