Communication Tools

Durable, Affordable, Easy to Use Communication Tools

Attainment offers wonderful communication tools for people with developmental disabilities, including autism, that may limit or impair speech. Research shows that using a communication device can encourage speech development in children with special needs. Recordable communication devices with pictures allow people with developmental disabilities to personalize messages - empowering people with physical impairments and/or speech and language delays to communicate at home, work, school and in the community. Communication devices for nonverbal children and people with developmental disabilities are durable, affordable and easy to use. AAC devices and communication tools come in a wide range of models, including both single and multiple message communication devices. GoTalk Overlay Software allows users to easily create personalized overlays. Attainment’s AAC devices and communication tools are recordable and allow the user to crease sequenced messages that truly meets all of their communication needs.

GoTalk NOW

Turn your iPad into a GoTalk!

GoTalk NOW is a full-featured, customizable AAC app for the beginner to experienced communicator,
turning your iPad into a dynamic GoTalk in seconds, with an easy-to-use, touch-based editor.

Attainment SWITCH

Turns your iOS devices into a wireless accessibility switch!

Use the Attainment SWITCH to communicate with scanning-enabled software running on any Mac or Windows PC. Easy to customize, allowing access to any switch-accessible software. Replaces expensive switch interfaces and wired switches. Download the App from the App Store, then download our FREE Switch Helper Application to your computer to configure the interface. Use the Helper Application on multiple computers.

GoTalk One

At last! A single message talker with a large picture display, prominent PLAY button, and a low price point!

The super slim, lightweight design (less than 2 oz.) of this single message GoTalk makes it ideal for on the go families. Just place the picture or text display into the covered frame and slide the switch to RECORD. Press the PLAY button and talk for up to 10 seconds. When you’re done recording, slide the switch to PLAY and you’re ready to communicate! The GoTalk One is especially useful for expressive communication related to talking PECs and environmental labeling.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

Communication Books

Ideal for manual communication systems

The Personal and Large Communication Books are ideal for hands-on communication. The easy-to-open books lie flat so they stay open until you turn the page. Sturdy, plastic pages contain transparent pockets (3" x 3.5") for communication cues. Tabs on every page make page-turning easier. Each pocket can hold single or multiple communications. Personalize with photos, symbols, or remnants familiar to you. The Personal Book is the smaller choice with one pocket per page, while the Large Book has three pockets. Both books contain twelve pages.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

Express One

A big talking picture frame!

The Express One is a high quality single message communication tool that can be used on a tabletop or mounted on a wall. Designed to accommodate personal photos (large or small), this device can be a great tool for getting started with augmentative communication. When wall mounted, it can be placed strategically around the house to assist with context specific communication, like "macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight" recorded on an Express One in the kitchen. The large activation surface is particularly good if the user needs a big target area.

Item No: GT-EG01AF

GoTalk Express 32

Scanning capability sets this GoTalk apart from the others!

This device is ideal for beginning or experienced communicators. The GoTalk Express 32 is easy to use yet powerful, an ideal bridge between low tech and more complicated dynamic display communication tools. Like all GoTalks, the Express 32 is rugged and attractive, and boasts great sound quality. We’ve added some exciting features that set this device apart from the others, like surround-message LEDs for visual prompts, the option to add a 1.5-second auditory cue to any message, and the remarkable ability to seamlessly play up to eight messages in sequence! Plus, the GoTalk Express 32 is a fully functional scanning device!

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

GoTalk 32+

A little bigger, a lot more capability!

The GoTalk 32+ offers a 163-message capacity while maintaining the ease of use, transportability, durability, and affordability of the GoTalk 4+, GoTalk 9+, and GoTalk 20+. Every person in a family needs to have a voice. See the Have A Voice video on this page for more about GoTalks.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

GoTalk 9+

More to say? More options!

This communication solution provides an easy-to-use and affordable starting point or next step for making sure each member of your family has a voice. See the Have a Voice video on this page for details about GoTalks. The GoTalk 9+ has nine keys with five recording levels for a total of 45 messages.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

GoTalk 4+

A great place to start communication for routines at home!

This communication solution provides an easy-to-use and affordable starting point for making sure each member of your family has a voice. See the Have a Voice video on this page for more about GoTalks.

The GoTalk 4+ has four large keys with five recording levels for a total of 20 messages. Each level can represent a different routine, activity, or interest (e.g., getting ready for school or making mealtime choices).

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

GoTalk Overlay Software

Great-looking overlays made quickly and easily!
An unbelievable value!

GoTalk Overlay Software takes away the common obstacles to making new and functional overlays for the communication devices your family uses. That means you’ll be able to respond more quickly to the changing communication context (e.g., add horseback riding class to the weekly schedule).

A built-in GoTalk Library contains over 1200 photos and illustrations plus more than 3700 symbols from the Imagine Symbols Library. Easy to bring in your own photos to personalize plus an integrated online search feature that gives you instant access to millions of images.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.