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Educational Software and Assistive Technology for Children and Adults with Significant Developmental Disabilities

Attainment Family provides practical and research based products for children and adults who have significant developmental disabilities, including autism. According to statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 110 children is on the autism spectrum. With treatment and the right learning resources, a child with autism can gain improved language and social skills. Attainment has developed award winning software, curriculum, and assistive technology to help children and adults with significant developmental disabilities, including autism, achieve academic goals and learn life skills.

Children and adults who live with autism often struggle with social and language skills. Easy to use communication devices, like our GoTalks, empower and encourage nonverbal children to interact with others. Picture communication symbols help children and adults who struggle with speech and language delays learn language skills. Recordable AAC devices and software allows individuals to personalize messages. Our AAC devices are durable, portable, and affordable.

Attainment software, books, assistive technology and hands on materials make learning fun and relevant for individuals with developmental disabilities at any age. From early reading programs to life skills lesson. Attainment products engage children and adults while empowering them to reach their full potential.

GoTalk NOW

Turn your iPad into a GoTalk!

GoTalk NOW is a full-featured, customizable AAC app for the beginner to experienced communicator,
turning your iPad into a dynamic GoTalk in seconds, with an easy-to-use, touch-based editor.

Attainment SWITCH

Turns your iOS devices into a wireless accessibility switch!

Use the Attainment SWITCH to communicate with scanning-enabled software running on any Mac or Windows PC. Easy to customize, allowing access to any switch-accessible software. Replaces expensive switch interfaces and wired switches. Download the App from the App Store, then download our FREE Switch Helper Application to your computer to configure the interface. Use the Helper Application on multiple computers.

Working with Troubled Children

How to recognize behavior problems early and find solutions fast

The authors write, "The lives of young people with behavior problems tend to be among the least satisfying of all...their happiness and quality of life, their academic and social progress in school, their employment, and their adult life course will compare unfavorably to those of others." In addition, their families suffer, their teachers often become dismissive of their chances, and peers tend to avoid them. Coauthor James Kauffman, former head of the Education Department at the University of Virginia, says it doesn’t have to be that way.

Item No: WT-02AF

Five Universal Principles of Positive Behavior Support

Insightful solutions for children who have behavioral disabilities

Provides helpful insights into the behavior of children. A parent of a child who has disabilities, Dr. Annemieke Golly also has worked successfully with many students who had displayed challenging behaviors. As a teacher with over 20 years of classroom experience, an author, and a behavioral expert Golly provides parents with the supports to guide their children through their early struggles so they can find successful paths in life.

Item No: UP-02AF

IEP Workshop

How to build strong, supportive teacher-parent partnerships

Coauthor Mary Noe, St. John’s University professor and attorney, first got involved in special education when her son was identified at age six. It has since become her career. Noe and her coauthors have developed a parent-user-friendly guide to help both groups form a productive and successful partnership to benefit students with educational disabilities. Includes detailed definitions of special education terms, laws, and successful instructional techniques. Explains IEPs, IEP meetings, Response to Intervention, Parents Bill of Rights, Evaluations and much more. And it has many reproducibles to help you make it all happen.

Item No: IEW-02AF

Time Timers

Tools for time management

Time Timers provides the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time.

Does breakfast time need to have a specific ending point? Is a boundary needed for computer time before bed? Encourage self-monitoring and independence with daily routines and special projects with this simple tool.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

GoTalk One

At last! A single message talker with a large picture display, prominent PLAY button, and a low price point!

The super slim, lightweight design (less than 2 oz.) of this single message GoTalk makes it ideal for on the go families. Just place the picture or text display into the covered frame and slide the switch to RECORD. Press the PLAY button and talk for up to 10 seconds. When you’re done recording, slide the switch to PLAY and you’re ready to communicate! The GoTalk One is especially useful for expressive communication related to talking PECs and environmental labeling.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

Communication Books

Ideal for manual communication systems

The Personal and Large Communication Books are ideal for hands-on communication. The easy-to-open books lie flat so they stay open until you turn the page. Sturdy, plastic pages contain transparent pockets (3" x 3.5") for communication cues. Tabs on every page make page-turning easier. Each pocket can hold single or multiple communications. Personalize with photos, symbols, or remnants familiar to you. The Personal Book is the smaller choice with one pocket per page, while the Large Book has three pockets. Both books contain twelve pages.

Multiple Pricing Options Available.

Express One

A big talking picture frame!

The Express One is a high quality single message communication tool that can be used on a tabletop or mounted on a wall. Designed to accommodate personal photos (large or small), this device can be a great tool for getting started with augmentative communication. When wall mounted, it can be placed strategically around the house to assist with context specific communication, like "macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight" recorded on an Express One in the kitchen. The large activation surface is particularly good if the user needs a big target area.

Item No: GT-EG01AF

GoTalk Express 32

Scanning capability sets this GoTalk apart from the others!

This device is ideal for beginning or experienced communicators. The GoTalk Express 32 is easy to use yet powerful, an ideal bridge between low tech and more complicated dynamic display communication tools. Like all GoTalks, the Express 32 is rugged and attractive, and boasts great sound quality. We’ve added some exciting features that set this device apart from the others, like surround-message LEDs for visual prompts, the option to add a 1.5-second auditory cue to any message, and the remarkable ability to seamlessly play up to eight messages in sequence! Plus, the GoTalk Express 32 is a fully functional scanning device!

Multiple Pricing Options Available.