About Us

Attainment Company, Verona, WI

AttainmentFamily.com LLC is a web-based family business developed by Attainment Company to support children and adults with special needs in the community, at home, or at work. Digital products like software and videos are less expensive than the professional versions because they include a Single Family License and not classroom or school district license. Attainment Family also offers free shipping and a 30 day return policy on all packaged products.

Attainment Company was established in 1979 in Wisconsin by Don Bastian, the current CEO. Over the years Attainment has created many internationally recognized software, assistive technology, life skills, curricula products. These include GoTalk®, Early Literacy Skills Builder Software™, Look 'n Cook™, and Read to Learn™. Our publishing brands include Full Court Press, IEP Resources, and Attainment.