About GoTalks

Take a big step toward independence!

GoTalks are powerful, easy to use communication tools. They help people communicate who do not speak or are difficult to understand.

GoTalk's styles vary by the number of communication locations, the size of the talker, and the features provided. They all, however, share similar operating procedures.

A helper sets up a GoTalk by recording a message on each communication location. You simply press the record button, press the location you want to record, and talk. When your message is complete, press any button to stop recording (it automatically stops recording after about 10 seconds). Everytime that location is pressed, the GoTalk plays that message (until it's erased or rerecorded). The helper then creates an overlay that matches the number and position of the message locations on the talker. Overlays slide between the message locations and the keyguards and are usually a combination of pictures and words. They help the communciator understand the intent of the underlying message. The GoTalk Overlay Software, only $10 when purchased with a GoTalk, is a fast and easy way to make professional-looking overlays.

All GoTalks have five recording levels. A level is a unique set of recorded messages that require a matching overlay. Extra overlays are stored in the back of your GoTalk.

Most GoTalks have special core vocabulary locations. These messages will not change even if you adjust the level. Reserve these locations for messages that are relevant and appropriate to multiple settings.

The simple joys of saying "hi"
Overlay being inserted into GoTalk 9+
GoTalk 9+ with labels

GoTalk Features

  • Extremely durable
  • Two year warranty
  • Multiple recording levels
  • Superior sound quality
  • Record and level lock
  • Low power consumption
    (AA batteries included)
  • Core Vocabulary remains constant
    when you change levels
  • Built-in handle
  • Built-in keyguard
  • Built-in overlay storage
  • Fast and easy recording
  • GoTalk Pocket
    GoTalk Pocket
    GoTalk 4+
    GoTalk 4+
    Gotalk 9+
    GoTalk 9+
    GoTalk 20+
    GoTalk 20+
    GoTalk Pocket
    GoTalk 32 Express
    GoTalk Express 32
    GoTalk 32+
    GoTalk 32+
    Boy with GoTalk Express 32


    GoTalk Overlay Software
    GoTalk Overlay Software is
    only $10 when purchased
    with a GoTalk!